Supporting a family is no easy task. The flood of bad information, misdirection and graft is like a giant flushing sound. Everyone wants a piece of your paycheck (and your dignity), and both political parties keep getting worse. But you can do this the ol' fashioned way, sleeves rolled, and knowing spark in your eye. Join our list today to get better ideas for a better life, cutting through all the bull, for free-thinking, self-reliant parents, every 3-4 weeks, right to your InBox.


Do you read stories to your kids, only to find your mind wander to more pressing subjects?

So the crayons quit, then wrote cutesy letters, barely legible. The kids like it, sure, and that’s good, but why lose an hour reciting dribble? How about we get real, impart them with timeless wisdom, and still have a laugh or three?

Raising successful children — kids who can spot a sham when they see it, create real value in the world, and still do the right thing when no one is looking — demands hyperfocus. The world is upside down, awash in bubble finance, institutionalized incompetence, cronyism and graft.

Supporting a family is harder than ever.

The school system isn’t going to teach them about debt, finance, liberty, entrepreneurship, mass psychology, or even history. They’ll get fables, names and dates — the chopping of a cherry tree or landing of the Mayflower — but miss the real points, mangled to the point of propaganda.

It’s our job to help them understand how the world really works. It’s our job to get them to think independently, questioning phony narratives.

Are you ready to blow the doors off story-time? You’re in the right place.

We’re releasing a full-color children’s book series to prepare them for an unforgiving world, to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family. With the right stories, they’ll be masters of their own fate. Without, they’ll be groomed to trust a broken system, and forced to learn the hard way.

Due first is “Where does money come from?”. Other titles include “Good-Debt, Bad-Debt”, “The Madness of Crowds”, “Right-Law, Wrong-Law” and “Fear and Greed”.

We’re putting the crayons back to work for your family, injecting a bigger purpose into story-time.

For a limited time (until the publication date or the free quota is met), one in every four parents to join our list receives a free copy of the title of your choosing. No obligation, and we’ll even cover shipping.

Plus, you’ll get our best content, right to your InBox, just once per month.

No ads, no spam, and no bull.

Don’t let your kids fall victim to a warped system that would have them saddled with debt, devoid of all independent thinking, and lining up at the trough behind some political hack peddling empty, foolhardy promises.

Set the course for a brighter future, and always, question authority.

Then share your thoughts and see what keeps other parents up at night with our latest poll, biggest worry for you as a parent in America today.

Finally, check out our top lessons, learned the hard way. Take two (or more), and call me in the morning-




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Yes, that includes both political parties, and no, we don’t hate America.

We love what America stood for not that long ago. We want that dream back for our kids, their kids, and your kids.

We welcome your feedback and want to hear what you are struggling with as a family. Maybe we can help. Submit a question, and we’ll do our best to respond. Thanks for all you do in your thankless jobs as parents in America today. 

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