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We help moms and dads who want more - more opportunity, more security, better information, and better prospects.

To get more, you have to step away from the herd, and think differently, questioning the narrative on nearly everything (especially the broken, fraudulent, debt-based paper money system). Stick with us for a while and we'll explain everything.

We share our best ideas in our monthly column – hilarious as it is hard-hitting – and a new line of better bedtime stories.

Supporting kids is tough, and conformity isn't working anymore. Conventional wisdom has become an oxymoron. The flood of bad information is like a giant flushing sound. Groupthink – herd behavior – is now a threat to your family's ability to thrive.

Everyone wants a piece of your paycheck, and for most the American Dream just seems like a fairytale.

The emperor has no clothes; you can see that now.

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About Us

How can we help you

We can help your family see the world more clearly, to lead, learn, love and laugh. We do this with a monthly parenting column (loosely categorized), and more importantly, a new line of Better Bedtime Stories. Through these four lenses we help you position everything, sleeves rolled, and knowing spark in your eye.

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