Supporting a family is no easy task. The flood of bad information is like a giant flushing sound. Everyone wants a piece of your paycheck, and both political parties keep getting worse. But you can do this, sleeves rolled, and spark in your eye. Join our list today to get better ideas for a better life, cutting through all the BS, for free-thinking parents, every 3-4 weeks, right to your InBox.


Did your childhood “education” whitewash concepts like debt, liberty, finance, and history? You got fables, names and dates — like the chopping of a cherry tree, or the landing of the Mayflower — but missed the real points.

Groomed to trust a system — never perfect, once great, but now corrupted and malformed by cronyism — you had to learn the hard way.

Are you ready to blow the doors off, helping your kids to understand how we got here, how the world really works, so they can think for themselves?

You’re in the right place. 

We’re compiling a full-color children’s book series to lift the curtain for your little ones, to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family, like “Where does money come from?”, “Good-Debt, Bad-Debt“, and “Right-Law, Wrong-Law”

Sign up here to be notified as they become available (and for a 25% chance to win) a free copy of the title of your choice.

Don’t let your kids fall victim to a predatory system and its party-line-politics that would rather see them saddled with debt, devoid of all independent thinking, just another cog propping up a giant skimming operation.

Then share your thoughts and see what keeps other parents up at night with our latest poll, biggest worry for you as a parent in America today.

Finally, check out our top lessons, learned the hard way. Take two (or more), and call me in the morning-




10) We’re Headed Back to a Gold Standard (and what to do first)
9)    Four Killer Cocktails for the Holiday Weekend
8)    Food, Antibiotics, and Behavior Problems in Children: The Gut-Brain Connection
7)    Top 10 Ways to Manage Your Wife’s Emotions
6)    Ask (Bad) Daddy (colic, potty-training, sibling rivalry, and sex-ed)
5)    The Cry-It-Out Myth
4)    The Truth About Money
3)    Stop Telling Your Kids “Good job”
2)    The College Debt Bubble (and Six Rules for 529 Plans)
1)    No More Nagging: A Manager’s Guide to Point-System Parenting


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Our focus shifts, but generally we deal with the absurd, in the light of trying to raise and provide financial, emotional, and intellectual support for a family.

On any given month, that might include both baby and financial advice, kids sports, managing your wife’s emotions (the answer is always no, you don’t look fat in this) or taking care of your husband after loss of his job, plus we can’t help to revisit the root of all of the world’s problems: bureaucracy.

Yes, that includes both political parties, and no, we don’t hate America.

We love what America stood for not that long ago. We want that dream back for our kids, their kids, and your kids.

We welcome your feedback and want to hear what you are struggling with as a family. Maybe we can help. Submit a question, and we’ll do our best to respond. Thanks for all you do in your thankless jobs as parents in America today. 

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