Conventional wisdom…is that an oxymoron?

Sure, countless gems have stood the test of time, even if out of favor (like bone broth…get it into your family’s diet now), but today, the world has gone mad.

Bad ideas have taken hold via groupthink, putting your family in jeopardy of blindly following terrible advice (like the herd animals we are…).

Today, wisdom is anything but conventional, and we’re here to call BS.

At BadDaddy we study history, read incessantly, and use second-level thinking to understand what’s really going on, providing actionable guidance to parents working their tails off to provide security — financial, emotional, physical and spiritual health — in America today.

BadDaddy is a terrible moniker, but my son Ryder has been using it since he was three. He’s convinced, as he storms up the stairs, “Bad daddy, bad daddy, bad daddy!!” (my daughter Mia disagrees, but she’s much more soft-spoken).

My problem is assuming I can pass all of my hard-earned lessons and best ideas through lectures. Why do they have to learn everything for themselves? Can’t I just tell them how it works? As adults, we can be more thoughtful, study the crux of a problem, and learn from history.

So here at BadDaddy, we’ll share the hard lessons with you.

We’ll celebrate the good times, laugh at and learn from the bad, and explore the absurdity of being a parent in America today, especially in the face of widespread, institutionalized incompetence, misdirection and graft.

We’ll dissect the culture, contradictions, and bad ideas shoved down our throat from all directions — media, government, and click-bait, BS-stories on Facebook.

We will educate, entertain, and commiserate together. We only get one shot at this thing called life, so question authority, and think for yourself.

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Book offer

Did your childhood “education” whitewash concepts like debt, finance, and history? Sure, you heard fables, and got names and dates, but missed the real points. You trusted a crony system, and had to learn the hard way.

Are you ready to blow the doors off this thing, helping your kids to understand how the world really works, so they can think for themselves?

You’re in the right place.

We’re compiling a full-color children’s book series to lift the curtain for your little ones, to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family, like “Where does money come from?”, “Good-Debt, Bad-Debt“, and “Right-Law, Wrong-Law”

Sign up here to be notified as they become available (and for a 25% chance to win) a free copy of the title of your choice.

Don’t let your kids fall victim to a predatory system and its party-line-politics that would rather see them saddled with debt, devoid of all independent thinking, just another cog propping up the giant skimming operation.

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