Better Bedtime Stories

Better Bedtime Stories

Do you read stories to your kids, only to find your mind wander?

So, the crayons quit, then wrote cutesy letters that are barely legible. Mildly entertaining the first time around, it’s downright painful after a while. Dragons like tacos, sure, but who doesn’t?

If you give a mouse a cookie… ugh. There is nothing remotely real about cause and effect in that story. It’s completely haywire.

The kids like it, sure, and that’s good, but why lose an hour reciting dribble? Have you ever considered the missed opportunity? What if we had bedtime stories that actually taught them something important, while keeping your attention and still giving everyone a good laugh?

What if we actually prepared them for this thing called life?

Are you ready to blow the doors off story-time? You’re in the right place.

Raising resilient children — kids who can spot a sham when they see it, roll up their sleeves and create real value (and get rewarded for it), stay upbeat even in the face of institutionalized incompetence, cronyism, and graft, and still do the right thing, even when no one is looking — is mission impossible.

You have to start early, and keep your eye on the ball. What better way than storytime, the family ritual before bed?

The school system isn’t going to teach them about debt, finance, liberty, entrepreneurship, mass psychology, or even history. They’ll get fables, names and dates — the chopping of a cherry tree or landing of the Mayflower — but miss the real points, mangled to the point of propaganda.

It’s our job to help them understand how the world really works. It’s our job to get them to think independently, questioning phony narratives.

We’ve released a full-color children’s book series to prepare them, to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family. With the right stories, they’ll be masters of their own fate. Without, they’ll be groomed to trust a broken system, and forced to learn the hard way.

Ready now is “Where does money come from?”, “Good Debt, Bad Debt, and the Big Green Blob“, “The Big Bad Business Cycle” and “The Madness of Crowds”. Coming next, “The Beautiful Bitcoin Book“, “Right-Law, Wrong-Law”, and much more.

We’re putting the crayons back to work for your family, injecting a bigger purpose into story-time, and we have a special offer for you. Join the Better Bedtime Stories Alliance, and you’ll save 40% on everything. We’ll deliver one book to your doorstep every three months, in just the right order.

The future is kind only to the well-prepared!

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