Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Money, Saving & Investing

Ultimate Parent’s Guide to Money, Saving & Investing

Ten Steps Today to Ensure Your Kids have Security Tomorrow

Teach Money Management For Children – Economics and Investing For Kids


Money isn’t everything, but life is a lot easier with it.

Today, you have the opportunity to give your children the ultimate advantage in wealth creation. If you start with a little knowledge-transfer now, they will never have to worry about money in their adult life. They will admire, thank and respect your foresight, long after they realize how flawed each of us parents really are.

Learn the ropes quickly in our super-simple Ultimate Parent’s Guide, starting with a few basic, fool-proof steps, to set your kids up for a lifetime of success and financial freedom.

Unlike other books on finance, this detailed, 47-page guide reads fast and fun, like a good novella, and is specifically designed for parents like you.

Everything we publish at BadDaddy is easy to consume and implement, packed with unique insights, plus a frequent laugh or snicker, just to keep it fresh and interesting. Our perspective is both extraordinary and proven.

If you give this one hour of your life, then follow the simple Action Plan, your kids will be among the lucky ones, on the fast-track. 

Inside, we compiled 20 years of research and experience, dumbed into one simple plan, just 10 steps, designed to be totally foolproof, requiring no maintenance, ready to automate, and totally free.

Where other plans, books, and guides have failed your family, the Ultimate Parent’s Guide will succeed. We made it that simple. If you don’t take these steps early, or simply wait for your kids to be in their 20s, they will miss 90% of the opportunity. Why is it free?

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Inside the Guide, you’ll find a step-by-step plan to help your kids learn about money, saving, and investing, a Money-Matrix to track everything, and the necessary background for your family to become masters of your fate.

We also provide transparency on our background, qualifications, and where we learned what we know.

Download the Ultimate Parent’s Guide today, and start building for a better, more resilient tomorrow.

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