What keeps you up at night?

5 thoughts on “What keeps you up at night?

  1. interesting voting, trends also reflect my concerns of the US system, not a US citizen….live in NZ

    1. Thanks Stephen. Great to get your perspective! It’s funny or perhaps fitting that my #1, 2 and 3 are ranked in that very order by the early voting. I would not have expected that, except perhaps that I am finding my audience. Thanks for your interest and support. Hope things are well in NZ!

  2. I almost voted for “Decaying values, institutionalized cronyism and graft” but wrote Economic turmoil and environmental degradation in “Other” because that’s what I think institutionalized cronyism will lead to.
    I’m concerned about the long-term consequences of our current mindset as a society.

    1. Great point, Lyle. So hard to capture all of these themes, although I know many of us would link most of the top ones and their causes together. I completely overlooked the environment, which in many ways is tragic. And in others, sometimes I think it can only rejuvenate on geological time long after we’re gone (hence the tragedy lies only with our fate, though the bright side of that is to live and breathe and laugh and love in exciting times).

      Thanks for reading!

      1. I’m sure that ultimately, all of the themes are linked to a greater or leaser extent.
        I like your reference to geologic time in reference to the environment. In terms of social change, I feel that major change happens generationally as the new generation’s children build on their parents ideals and then supersede them. It’s easy to get swept along on the roller coaster of yearly or even decade-long pendulum swings, whereas if we can take a longer view, we may see a general positive trend toward a more equitable social structure. If we can make it through he next 50-100 years, who knows how good it could be. It certainly is exciting, and love and laughter are essential.

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