Alliance Partnership Subscription

Alliance Partnership Subscription


Alliance Partnership Subscription

$14.99 every 3 months

The Alliance Guarantee: Join the Alliance today, and if you’re not totally satisfied with the first book, we’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep it anyway, on us. It’s that important this story find your family (plus, we think you’d rather keep the subscription).

As an Alliance Partner, we’ll send you each of our better bedtime stories, three months apart, in just the right order, taking your family through the journey you need to understand the money system and the keys to success in life, to create more for your children – more opportunity, more security, more resilience, second-level thinking, and better prospects.

First, you’ll receive “Where does money come from?”, the delightful beginning, educating families about subtle changes to the money system and how they quietly impacted America over the last 50 years. Next, “Good Debt, Bad Debt, and the Big Green Blob”, then “The Big Bad Business Cycle”, “The Madness of Crowds” and “The Beautiful Bitcoin Book”, with more to come later. When titles run out, we’ll pause your subscription until a new one is available, and you can cancel anytime.

Buckle up for an education your kids — the whole family — will not soon forget.

Titles are in stock and shipping now.

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Do you get that nagging feeling that things aren’t on a great path? It’s harder for families to get ahead. You run faster and faster every month, just to stay in place.

Well, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, too. The confidence we shared growing up in America… it’s mostly given way to quiet discomfort. The American Dream feels like a fairytale.

Debt, consumerism, finger-pointing, and race-baiting have all but destroyed communities built on savings, freedom, personal responsibility, and collaboration. The natural world buckles under the strain of a growth-at-any-cost culture, while the social and political climate are truly Orwellian.

What’s a parent to do? Roll-up in the fetal position, while government bureaucrats prepare your kids like wind-up toys headed straight for a flogging?

Heck no, not your family (nor mine). We roll sleeves, work hard, and stay optimistic. We push onward, smile often, and find faith that purpose, opportunity, and real community befall our kids.

Ready for the good news?

What if I told you that I’ve discovered the root of nearly all of America’s – and the world’s – biggest problems? Digging for over 20 years, I finally put it all together. Our Alliance Partners know it, too.

Once we figured it out, things got better. Better without the blindfold.

We can share the secrets with you, and while we can’t save the world all by ourselves, once you see it, you can start to improve things for your family. You will start to connect the dots and better shape the pieces around you. You, too, can see behind the curtain.

There’s no magic formula, no get-rich-quick scheme, but the time you spend working, learning, raising children, lending hands, and breaking bread on this beautiful, confused planet will go farther when you understand the big hoax. Your efforts are better directed when you see the big flimflam.

What is it, you ask?

The big bamboozle, the giant con, is the crooked paper money system. It’s a massive fraud. And your family (like mine, and all of your friends) are groomed to be the marks. Spend some time on our site, read our monthly column, and you’ll hear all about it.

Better yet, join the Alliance Partnership, and our bedtime stories will walk your family through everything, and in just the right order.

Typical bedtime stories – Dragon’s Love Tacos, The Day the Crayon’s Quit – are cute. Fun at first, they’re also a giant whiff, missing the opportunity to open your minds about the world – and risks – that await.

Kids grow up fast. One second, you’re cutting their grapes in half, and the next, they’re on their own, getting stuffed with high-interest rate credit card debt.
Your opportunity, your responsibility, is to help them navigate the real world.

Some concepts need to be learned at home, from you. They’re not taught in school, because the world’s money system needs sheep to sheer, cows for milking, and hogs to slaughter. Kids are funneled onto a borrow-and-spend-hamster-wheel or spit out down the blackhole of bankruptcy.

To avoid this fate, you have to open their eyes today.

You need to peel back the onion, help them understand how the system works, to think independently, step away from the herd, and to question authority.
Don’t worry; we can help with that. As an Alliance Partner, you’ll receive all of our books at a 40% discount, just $14.99 each, shipped every 3-4 months to your doorstep. The first – “Where does money come from?” will arrive now, then “Good-Debt, Bad-Debt, and the Big Green Blob” three months from now, followed by “The Big Bad Business Cycle” three months from that.

Prior to shipment of each new title, you’ll receive an email notification alerting you, confirming your card on file will be charged $14.99, and your delivery window. You can cancel anytime.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. In fact, if you don’t like the first book, we’ll refund 100% of your money, and you can keep it anyway. Nothing to send back.

It’s that important this story find your family (plus, we think you’d rather wait for the next one).

Caution: Our books are not for everyone.

If you are looking for entertainment alone, there are plenty of cheap books you can obtain for a few bucks from Amazon or Wal-Mart. Our stories are for families that want more for their children — more opportunity, security, resilience, second-level thinking, and better prospects.

Resilience starts in the home with the stories we tell ourselves, and our children. It starts with better bedtime stories.

Join us, as we put the crayons back to work for your kids, injecting a bigger purpose into story-time to educate, enlighten, and entertain the whole family.

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