“Good Debt, Bad Debt and the Big Green Blob”

“Good Debt, Bad Debt and the Big Green Blob”

“Good Debt, Bad Debt and the Big Green Blob”


“Good Debt, Bad Debt and the Big Green Blob” is the second in our line of better bedtime stories. This is everything your children need to know about money and debt, that no one in the school system will dare teach them. Why not? Because vested interests need them graduating from school naive to the nuances of the debt-based money system. Too many will get eaten alive, chewed up and spit out by a broken higher education system, or worse, predatory high interest lending services. Help your kids master these concepts before they leave your home to live a life of true financial freedom.

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Americans – including most young people today – are crippled by debt. It’s like the blob; it just keeps growing. What most don’t realize is that our current system of paper money requires it.

Your kids and mine are groomed like wind-up toys, shipped off and encouraged to borrow, borrow, and borrow more. Everyone is doing it, and few question why. This is groupthink at its worst.

At BadDaddy Publishing, we’ve spent more than two decades studying finance, history, and economics to piece together the backstory, to help you write a better narrative for your children.

Debt itself isn’t all bad, unless you don’t understand it, and then it’s a loaded gun. Stay away. But debt is everywhere; it’s hard to avoid completely, so when they leave your home, your kids must understand it. You can show them behind the curtain, so they don’t get eaten alive as young adults.

The school system won’t touch it, but we can help.

Join us, as we open their mind through story, planting seeds they’ll need later to navigate the world of money, debt, self-discipline, human psychology, and the social contract.

It takes a child, after all, to tell the world that the emperor has no clothes.

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