The Beautiful Bitcoin Book

The Beautiful Bitcoin Book

The Beautiful Bitcoin Book


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Is Bitcoin the solution to the world’s biggest problems at the very apex of those problems? It could be, and the story is a beautiful one. Your kids better understand it, because all cryptocurrencies are NOT created equal.

Don’t worry! This book has you covered.

Dad and Ryder examine the Bitcoin story, including where it began, how it works, and how it compares to Gold and fiat in the role of money.

It starts with better bedtime stories.

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The root of the world’s biggest, most intractable problems – the wealth gap, the environment, inflation, social unrest, forever wars, boom-and-bust cycles – is the debt-based fiat money system.

These problems went into overdrive when America abandoned a gold standard in 1971.

Without gold as anchor – our True North – the US government and financial services industry ballooned to consume most of the economy. The new paper (fiat) money system – the ‘Big Green Blob’ – siphons productivity gains to the top, away from the middle and working class, leaving only debt in its trail.

Manufacturing moved abroad while financiers ran a leveraged buy-out (LBO) of America, real estate, farmland, and productive enterprise, using the Fed’s funny money that only they can access at near 0%, inflating away their debts while normal families are increasingly left behind.

As that system careens towards inevitable collapse, a fledgling, free-market beacon of light emerges before us, not as a replacement for gold, but as Robin is to Batman (or perhaps Batman to Robin).

At BadDaddy Publishing, we’ve spent 25 years studying finance, economics, and the history of money to piece together the stories that can help your family stay ahead of historic change.

Join us as we examine Bitcoin, where it came from and where it’s going, how it compares to gold, silver, fiat (paper and CBDC) as well as other cryptos, plus their various roles in the future of money. It takes a child, after all, to see so clearly that the emperor – our own US Dollar – wears no clothes.

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